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Smart Lighting with Nexstream

Smart lighting with Nexstream is a favorite among our Texas Hill Country neighbors. Lighting controls like dimmers, daylight sensors, and occupancy sensors can make a major difference on the electric bill.

In addition to energy savings, adjusting brightness can transform a room to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Custom scenes can be created for activities such as watching a movie, where lighting will automatically adjust to voice commands.

Automated Daylight Control
A room with windows can quickly overheat in the summer causing the air conditioner to work overtime. Smart automated shades and window treatments adjust to the daylight and raise or lower automatically, significantly cutting back on energy usage. Winter settings can also help keep warm air inside during the colder months.

Adjusting window treatments based on season can save up to 30% on an electric bill and takes the guesswork out of optimizing a window system. Used in conjunction with smart lighting, this feature sets the perfect amount of light at all times.

Outdoor Lighting
Smart lighting with Nexstream can extend to a home’s exterior as well. With environmental lighting, color changing lights for the pool, or motion-activated floodlights that sync directly with the security system, outdoor lighting can enhance both beauty and functionality.

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