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Construction Standards for Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet in the Texas Hill Country isn’t just a dream anymore. We work closely with the homeowner and builder to identify the point of access and ensure a smooth installation process. The following steps are essential for each Nexstream Connected home.

Outdoor Fiber Conduit

Minimum standard for conduit running from meter to home is 3/4″ 

  • Conduit must be installed in concordance with electrical. 
  • Nexstream can be hired to install conduit.
    • Alternatively, conduit can be purchased from Nexstream and delivered to the homesite to be installed by builder.
  • Mainline fiber will be spliced and connected to the home upon completion of construction for delivery of Nexstream services.


Some things to keep in mind BEFORE wiring a new home

  • Consult with us prior to electrical wiring and lighting selection to explore energy-saving low voltage options for lighting control.
  • Before the walls have been insulated, cat6 network cabling is installed to the identified points throughout the home.
  • 2 inch conduit (with one coaxial and two cat 6 cables) is dropped to every TV location, ensuring ease of future expansion.

Fiber Pulled
After construction is completed, we pull fiber through the previously established conduit. The home is now Nexstream Connected!

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