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Smart Home Automation in the Texas Hill Country

While the concept of smart home automation has been around for a century, it’s only in the last few decades that technology has been able to meet the demands of homeowners.

We design interactive homes and communities in the heart of the Texas Hill Country to enhance life, work, and play utilizing intelligent automation, security, and control. Our team will help create the ideal immersive Smart home experience. From dynamic lighting to monitoring security from a smartphone, the scope of the Smart home is always expanding.

Unlimited Possibilities
Smart automation doesn’t just provide substantial improvements to a home, it can also simplify life. In a well-crafted Smart home the shower temperature is just right, coffee is ready in the morning, and the tap of a button will turn out the lights.

The ability to remotely check or activate locks, window treatments, and smoke & carbon monoxide detectors from anywhere is a powerful tool that enables homeowners to be proactive rather than reactive. If needed, emergency services can be contacted immediately.

Keeping an eye on children, pets, and the elderly brings more than just peace of mind. Responding quickly to an emergency can help save lives, or keep the kids from getting into too much mischief. Available on all devices throughout the home.

Resale Value
With companies like Realtor.com factoring smart technology into their valuations, it’s easy to see the investment potential. Smart home owners can see up to a 5% increase in property value, an added perk for house hunters.

Audio & Video
How about turning on a favorite channel when sitting down in the La-Z-Boy? Playing calming music throughout the home to wake up? Create audio zones, outdoor entertainment, and more. The Smart possibilities can now exceed a homeowner’s needs and imagination.

Assisted Living
Smart technologies for seniors or folks with disabilities can increase independence, monitor health, and boost quality of life. From dispensing the right medication at the right time to voice activated devices, a Smart home can play a significant role in maintaining happiness.

Voice Control
Consumers have gotten a taste of Smart voice features with devices like Alexa and this technology will only get better. With voice activated control throughout the home, residents can feel like they are commanding their very own spaceship.

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