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As we work with you to design your next project, our expert teams will ensure a smooth process to help you leverage today’s cutting edge technology.

One of the highlights of this work is watching a home come to life around the homeowner. Nexstream’s Fiber Internet and Smart technology will create a fully immersive living experience.

You bring the dream, we’ll make it come to life.


It’s important to coordinate with us before construction has begun. This allows us to make use of existing utility trenches, cutting down both cost and time for your project.


As with any new technology, getting fiber to your existing home requires some preparation. We’ll work with you to make this installation easy.

Service Stages

Nexstream Ready
Once all conduit has been installed, the home is Nexstream Ready. You’re now prepared for Nexstream’s Fiber, audio & video components, and Smart surveillance.

Nexstream Custom
For the homeowner who wants a fully automated design, we provide custom plans based on the individual’s needs. In addition to interior features, this includes exterior environmental lighting and water features.

Nexstream Connected
After the home has been completed we take our final step by pulling fiber through conduit and lighting up Fiber Internet.

Construction Requirements

We pride ourselves on local support and superior connectivity. With headquarters in Fredericksburg, we’re here to provide a seamless Internet experience for you and your guests.

Need details on
construction standards?

Minimum standard for conduit running from meter to home is 3/4″ at a minimum depth of 8″-18″

  • Conduit must be installed in concordance with electrical. 
  • Nexstream can be hired to install conduit.
    • Alternatively, conduit can be purchased from Nexstream and delivered to the homesite to be installed by builder.
  • Mainline fiber will be spliced and connected to the home upon completion of construction for delivery of Nexstream services.

Some things to keep in mind BEFORE wiring a new home:

  • Consult with us prior to electrical wiring and lighting selection to explore energy-saving low voltage options for lighting control.
  • Before the walls have been insulated, cat6 network cabling is installed to the identified points throughout the home.
  • 2 inch conduit (with one coaxial and two cat 6 cables) is dropped to every TV location, ensuring ease of future expansion.

After construction is completed, we pull fiber through the previously established conduit. The home is now Nexstream Connected!

Smart Home Automation

Nexstream Hill Country Internet

While the concept of smart automation has been around for a century, it’s only in the last few decades that technology has been able to meet the demands of homeowners.

We design interactive homes and communities to enhance life, work, and play utilizing intelligent automation, security, and control. Our team will help create the ideal immersive Smart home experience. From dynamic lighting to monitoring security from a smartphone, the scope of the Smart home is always expanding.

Unlimited Possibilities
Smart automation doesn’t just provide substantial improvements to a home, it can also simplify life. In a well-crafted Smart home the shower temperature is just right, coffee is ready in the morning, and the tap of a button will turn out the lights.

The ability to remotely check or activate locks, window treatments, and smoke & carbon monoxide detectors from anywhere is a powerful tool that enables homeowners to be proactive rather than reactive. If needed, emergency services can be contacted immediately.

Keeping an eye on children, pets, and the elderly brings more than just peace of mind. Responding quickly to an emergency can help save lives, or keep the kids from getting into too much mischief. Available on all devices throughout the home.

Resale Value
With companies like factoring smart technology into their valuations, it’s easy to see the investment potential. Smart home owners can see up to a 5% increase in property value, an added perk for house hunters.

Audio & Video
How about turning on a favorite channel when sitting down in the La-Z-Boy? Playing calming music throughout the home to wake up? Create audio zones, outdoor entertainment, and more. The Smart possibilities can now exceed a homeowner’s needs and imagination.

Assisted Living
Smart technologies for seniors or folks with disabilities can increase independence, monitor health, and boost quality of life. From dispensing the right medication at the right time to voice activated devices, a Smart home can play a significant role in maintaining happiness.

Voice Control
Consumers have gotten a taste of Smart voice features with devices like Alexa and this technology will only get better. With voice activated control throughout the home, residents can feel like they are commanding their very own spaceship.

Smart Lighting


Lighting controls like dimmers, daylight sensors, and occupancy sensors can make a major difference on the electric bill.

In addition to energy savings, adjusting brightness can transform a room to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Custom scenes can be created for activities such as watching a movie, where lighting will automatically adjust to voice commands.

Automated Daylight Control
A room with windows can quickly overheat in the summer causing the air conditioner to work overtime. Smart automated shades and window treatments adjust to the daylight and raise or lower automatically, significantly cutting back on energy usage. Winter settings can also help keep warm air inside during the colder months.

Adjusting window treatments based on season can save up to 30% on an electric bill and takes the guesswork out of optimizing a window system. Used in conjunction with smart lighting, this feature sets the perfect amount of light at all times.

Outdoor Lighting
Smart lighting can extend to a home’s exterior as well. With environmental lighting, color changing lights for the pool, or motion-activated floodlights that sync directly with the security system, outdoor lighting can enhance both beauty and functionality.

Connectivity Enhancements

We offer a range of add-ons to improve your online experience. Let us know what you need.

Nexstream 360
Network optimization meets AI security and parental controls to deliver a powerful WiFi network throughout your home.
Keep an eye on your property no matter where you are. We put security in your hands with an easy to use interface and always-on connection.
Digital Voice
Our VoIP service uses your Internet connection for phone calls, blending the reliability of a landline with the features of a smartphone.
Our certified team will create your ideal immersive Smart home/office experience with audio and video throughout your home.

A better Internet is waiting

Local support
Advanced security
Reliable connectivity