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Texas Hill Country Internet for Connected Communities

What is a Connected Community?

A neighborhood, subdivision, or area utilizing high speed broadband (often with fiber) to provide Texas Hill Country Internet to local residents. These communities foster digital inclusion and enhances opportunities for education, remote work, telemedicine, entertainment, and other online services. Moreover, the connected infrastructure can increase property values and attract homeowners and businesses that require high speed Internet access.

Why does Nexstream have Connected Communities?

The cost of building a fiber infrastructure is prohibitively high, especially for a single home. By creating pockets of connectivity in under served neighborhoods we are able to combine resources with developers and municipalities. Once established, these communities allow us to expand connectivity to others in the surrounding areas.

Most of our connected communities currently use fiber Internet. Others enjoy high speed Wideband Wireless Internet until fiber Internet is ready community-wide or as a permanent solution where fiber installation is cost prohibitive.

A Connected Community lets us tailor our services to the specific needs and environments of different areas to provide the best Texas Hill Country Internet connection.

What are the benefits of a Connected Community?

Expandable infrastructure
Once our fiber cabling is installed, it’s easy to add more to provide connectivity for future neighborhood expansion and building.

Digital commerce
Access to high speed Internet throughout a community enables residents and businesses to take full advantage of online opportunities.

Community-wide connectivity
Seamless connectivity allows for reliable communication as you transition from inside your home to outside and even around the neighborhood even where there is no cellular connectivity. No more dropped calls on the dog walk!

Dedicated support staff
Nexstream monitors connectivity 24/7 to provide the most reliable connection day and night. Our technicians can be on-site quickly to address issues that arise, ensuring the best possible online experience.

Powerful tool for property developers
Fiber is a necessity for homeowners. Community-wide connectivity attracts both buyers and builders to new developments and provides for future expansion.

Are all Connected Communities the same?

We treat each fiber-connected community as a unique project, custom-built and tailored to meet the specific needs of its residents. We understand that every community has different demands and requirements. Our team of experts works closely with property owners to design and deploy fiber optic networks that deliver lightning-fast speeds, exceptional reliability, and future-proof infrastructure.

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