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Boot Ranch Fiber Internet in Fredericksburg, Texas

Fiber internet in Fredericksburg Texas TX

We are proud to provide Boot Ranch residents and guests with the fastest fiber Internet in Fredericksburg, TX, and the Texas Hill Country. We work hard to provide the reliable connectivity demanded by today’s technology needs even in rural settings.

This page has helpful support resources to answer questions we commonly receive. If you don’t find your answer here or need additional support give us a call or get in touch below.

Understanding your Internal WiFi Network

Understanding your Internal WiFi Network

WiFi provides connectivity to the Internet through a wireless access point or router. Your devices (smartphones, TVs, etc.) connect to this router to form an internal network that only exists in your home.

Device Limits: Even though Nexstream fiber provides Gigabit speeds to your home, the speeds you experience on your devices will be entirely dependent on your router as well as the devices themselves.

Robust Connectivity: Some routers are not designed to handle a fiber connection, making it impossible for them to maximize Gig+ bandwidth use.

Third Party Equipment: We do not require Boot Ranch residents to use our equipment. However there are many reasons customers overwhelmingly choose Nexstream equipment over third party equipment.

Why Use Nexstream Equipment?

We carefully select, test, and monitor all our networking equipment to ensure our customers have the best and most reliable connectivity experience available.

Fully customized next-generation technology designed specifically for the Boot Ranch Gig+ Fiber infrastructure.

We extend connectivity support & troubleshooting to devices inside the home.

We can often quickly fix issues through remote troubleshooting with a fast turnaround.

Nexstream 360 security, real-time threat protection, advanced parental controls, and network optimization.

Network Management & Contention Ratios

Network Management & Contention Ratios

Contention ratio refers to the number of users sharing a particular bandwidth to the available bandwidth.

Basically it’s the number of people who are using the internet at the same time compared to the capacity of the network to handle that usage.

Expected Speeds Inside Your Home

Expected Speeds Inside Your Home

We’ve discussed the potential limitations of third-party network equipment, but it’s also important to understand limitations of your personal devices and a WiFi network itself

Speeds achieved on a personal device will rely on its own processing capabilities. Older technology is not always capable of taking full advantage of a fiber connection

The average Internet user will never notice slower speeds between a wired and wireless connection.

Interference: WiFi signals can be affected by interference such as physical obstructions like a wall or piece of furniture, electronic devices such as microwaves, and signal range limits.

Signal Degredation: The next-generation WiFi routers supported by Nexstream minimize interference, but the nature of wireless signals means they will always be a factor in connection speeds.

Wired Connections: At the end of the day, plugging a cable directly into a router will always be faster than broadcasted wireless Internet no matter the type of connection.

Pricing & Costs

Pricing & Costs

We work to provide transparent costs with no hidden fees and no surprises. Let us know if you have any questions about costs or billing details below.

Installation: Installation cost varies for each homesite and is based off a site survey we conduct at your property.

We welcome the homeowner plus any builder or A/V team to be present and participate in this survey. This ensures everyone is on the same page and will inform all parties on the needs and expectations to be delivered.

Monthly Billing: Recurring monthly service charges are paid to Nexstream by the Boot Ranch POA and are included with Boot Ranch Membership.

Unless clients engage Nexstream for additional services (Digital Voice, Smart Home AV, static IP, managed internal network, etc.) Boot Ranch members will not receive a monthly invoice from Nexstream.

On-Site Support: For homeowners who have opted to use Nexstream-supported equipment there is no charge for on-site support and troubleshooting related to failure in Nexstream hardware or a mainline impact in the development. A technician will evaluate the situation to verify that Nexstream’s infrastructure and equipment is performing properly.

If it is determined that the reported issue is not related to Nexstream’s equipment, the client will be informed and any further work will be invoiced at $120 per hour plus materials and performed during regular business hours with a minimum of 1 hour.

Residents using third party network equipment enjoy Nexstream support up to the outside of the home, which includes the fiber connection and drop location.

Nexstream support extends inside the home for third-party gear and is billed at a standard $120 per hour plus materials during regular business hours with a minimum of 1 hour. For more information about third-party equipment see above.

Get Connected

Get Connected

Ready for fiber Internet in Fredericksburg? Boot Ranch residents can fill out the form below to get connected. We’ll be in touch soon!

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