Smart Automation

We design interactive communities and businesses to enhance your life with intelligent automation, security, and control. Our team will help you create your ideal immersive Smart home or office experience. From automating chores like vacuuming to monitoring security, the scope of this technology is vast and only getting bigger. 



Being able to see who is at your door without looking through a peephole, opening the door, or when you’re not home is many Smart home owners’ favorite feature. Security can be extended throughout the home, notifying your smartphone when a window is left open or a door unlocked. 


Energy Savings

Most people have no idea which appliances and devices in their homes use the most energy. Even if they have an idea, it would be near impossible to manage all of them for maximum energy conservation if not for Smarthome technology. Your system can also be set up to manage your energy consumption automatically, or allow you to power on or off devices remotely from your smartphone.  


Do It Yourself?

While many smart devices are available direct to consumer, patching them together yourself may lead to a less than stellar experience. Our expert technicians customize your home or office based on your needs and make sure everything works like it’s supposed to.  


Smart thermostat

  • Traditional thermostats monitor temperatures only where the control panel is located, unevenly adjusting temperatures in different parts of the house. With remote sensors placed around your home, a smart thermostat adjusts heating a cooling usage based on the climate in the entire home.
  • The thermostat command center makes adjustments easy. With clearly labeled and easy to read buttons, many customers find the touch screens easier to use.
  • The Smart Home/Away feature adjusts climate to save money when you’re not home based on your schedule. Staying home when you’re usually away? You don’t have to do a thing—it can tell you’re home and will automatically override away settings.
  • Local weather is tracked through WiFi and settings are automatically adjusted to account for what’s happening outside.
  • Integration with your humidifier keeps indoor humidity at optimal levels.
  • Utilizing your ventilator, a smart thermostat will use cool air in the evenings and night to adjust the temperature in your home, bypassing the air conditioner to save money.
  • Equipment performance is monitored constantly. You’ll receive an alert if anything isn’t working optimally.

Window treatments

  • Smart lights integrate perfectly with smart window shades, creating the perfect ambiance while keeping the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter out of your home.


  • The energy efficiency of Smart lighting is unmatched by any technology on the market.
  • Motion sensors ensure lights are on only when a room is occupied.
  • Porch lights turn on and off based on an easily programmed schedule instead of staying on all day and night.
  • Low voltage wiring and LED lights keep energy usage down.

Smart irrigation

  • The EPA estimates up to 50% of household irrigation water is wasted. A Smart watering system for your landscape or garden can significantly reduces water waste by adjusting for daily weather and moisture content in your soil.
  • Leaks are easily identified from your phone.
  • The system makes compliance with Homeowner Association and government water restrictions painless.


Home theater

Enjoy all the features from your family room plus the right ambiance with Smart lighting and other tools that rival any movie theater, all controlled from your remote or device that also controls the technology in the rest of your home.

  • Watch television, access DVDs, stream video, play a video game, or listen to music in high-definition or surround sound. Your favorite products and services from Netflix to Apple TV integrate seamlessly, all controlled from the same device you use to control your house. With multi-room video, watch whatever you like, wherever you like. Each room can play the same media or something different.
  • Smart lighting can round out your home theater, dimming lights when you hit play and turning them back up when you pause. For the finishing touch: pathway lighting and a ceiling filled with the Milky Way.
  • Incorporate surround sound, HD video, Smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to make a fully immersive experience.

Home audio

  • Play music in any room in your house from any source, even a guest’s smartphone.
  • In-wall speakers significantly reduce clutter and unsightly cables.
  • Mute and unmute audio in any room at the touch of a button.

Smart remotes

  • Stop searching for the right remote. Control everything from your smartphone or tablet, remote control, or touchscreen.


Lock the front door from the grocery store. See if your deliveries are safely hidden. Lock each door or turn on every light in an emergency with a tap. Create temporary security codes for package deliveries or workers Set up a guest WIFI network and limit access to protect your data. Multi-color LEDs on your keypads and locks tell you if the door is locked or if the garage door is closed.

Video doorbell

  • Check on your home via live video or security recordings no matter where you are on any device. Lock the front door from the grocery store. See if your deliveries are safely hidden.

Gate control

  • While it’s not hard to operate a gate manually, adding Smart technology makes it much more convenient. Being able to control your gate from your vehicle reduces discomfort in inclement weather.
  • A Smart security gate increases property security, acting as a deterrent for criminals.
  • Setting temporary gate codes or simply using your phone to open the gate from your home allow easy access for invited guests.

Security camera system

  • Check on your home via live video or security recordings no matter where you are on any device.

Smart locks

  • Never lock your keys inside again. Smart locks let you lock and unlock your door from your Smartphone and provide an easy and secure method to let guests or workers in when you aren’t home.
  • A simple interface on your Smartphone lets you see if any doors are unlocked. Lock them from anywhere on your Smartphone.
  • Your Smart lock can be programmed to automatically lock when you walk out the door


  • Check in on the pets or the kids from downstairs or downtown.
  • Advanced parental controls keep the little ones safe online, or keep them offline when they’re grounded.
  • Get notified when the kids get home from school and lock the door if they forgot.

Safety lighting

  • Outdoor lighting turns on in the evening and turns off as the sun comes up. Illuminate dark areas for safety automatically when you pull into your garage. Make your home appear occupied when you’re at work or on vacation. Turn on all lights in the house/outside the house to scare would-be intruders.


Discreet equipment

  • Combine all your audio and video equipment into a single space that’s out of view, like a cabinet or closet. No more multimedia clutter.

Seamless integration

Keypads are similar to light switches and extend control throughout the home with elegant designs to match any design aesthetic.

  • Discover the benefits of Smart lighting and automation with fully customizable keypads for both new and existing homes. Buttons are backlit and can be engraved for better visibility.
  • One-touch simplicity 
    Turn on the lights in one room or the entire home with the tap of a button.
  • Multi-color LED displays
    More than just telling you if a feature is off or on, multi-color LEDs can give information about your home such as which scenes are active, shade position, audio media, or anything else you choose on your custom engraved keypad.
  • Backlighting and custom engravings
    Custom engravings make it easy for everyone to tell which button does what. Subtle multi-color LED backlighting helps you see the keypads even in low light.
  • Customizable Keypad 
    Smart control of indoor & outdoor lighting, window treatments, media, and more.
  • More than a light switch
    Adjust volume, start playing your favorite music in the kitchen, activate scenes, and more.
  • Dimmer Keypad
    Fully customizable dimming functionality to adjust Smart lighting.
  • Fan Controller 
    Speed control for most standard paddle ceiling fans.
  • Organized & discreet
    Large collections of keypads and switches on walls can disrupt a home’s aesthetics and flow. Centralizing management equipment in a cabinet or closet can help remove clutter and provide easy access to controls
  • Faceplates
    Faceplates with multi-color status LEDs and ambient light sensors have a sleek profile that blend in with a home’s decor. LED and backlights automatically adjust to the lighting in a room so they are never too bright or faint.
  • Voice Control
    Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, simple commands can control virtually anything in your Smart Home.


Smart lighting is a tasteful and energy efficient addition which blends seamlessly with the design of your home.

  • Smart lighting can be an elegant addition to a single room or your entire home. Different “scenes” can be activated at the touch of a button bringing you the perfect lighting for movie night or a weekend party, all available at the touch of a button or through a simple voice command.

single room

      • Some homeowners choose Smart lighting for a single room that gets a lot of use such as the living room, home theater, or kitchen. Lighting scenes can be designed to your specifications and needs, providing the right lighting for any activity. This is a great option for those who want to make the most of lighting options on a limited budget.

whole home

      • This is where Smart lighting can really shine. Providing a consistent lighting experience and control throughout the home is a feature many homeowners love. Lighting options can be customized to provide the perfect illumination for every room and area of the home, adjusting based on everything from time of day to when you enter or leave a room.


• Outdoor and landscape lighting is great for safety, highlighting decor, illuminating living areas, and enhancing curb appeal. But if your system isn’t Smart, it could be costing you a lot of energy and maintenance. A Smart LED outdoor lighting system utilizes long lasting, energy-efficient bulbs that can be controlled from your smartphone.

Are you ready to set up your perfect Smarthome?