Connected Community

Texans love the Hill Country for the stunning views and slow-paced lifestyle. That doesn’t mean we like our Internet slow too.

The logistical challenge of expanding a better Internet in the Texas Hill Country is substantial. The agility of our hybrid Internet approach enables us to meet this challenge.

We aim to bring Gig+ fiber and high speed Internet to the most underserved Central Texas neighborhoods and communities, where some can’t even get cell phone reception. By creating these pockets of service, we can expand throughout the Texas Hill Country to meet the needs of many more residents and businesses. 

If it was easy, everyone would have Gig+ Fiber

How do I let you know I’m interested?

The best way residents in Central Texas can get Nexstream Internet in their neighborhood is by filling out the form on our contact page. This tells us where the highest concentrations of interest are and help us to plan our expansion to target those areas first.

Are you ready for a better Internet?