High Speed Business Internet

We designed Nexstream’s Gig+ Fiber Internet to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Our diverse network peers directly with the Internet’s largest content providers, providing the connected foundation to build smart and immersive office experiences. 

To address the hindrances of full fiber expansion throughout the Hill Country, our network utilizes hybrid fiber and wireless technologies. As our fiber installation expands into more communities and neighborhoods, we extend connectivity into the most underserved, hard to reach neighborhoods using both fiber and wireless connectivity.

A better Internet is here and it’s incredibly fast


Fiber Internet is currently the fastest data transmission method available to the general public. Fiber optic cables contain strands of glass about the width of a human hair though which data is transferred. The cables must be buried underground and connect directly to a business. 

Adoption of this advanced technology has been slow, especially for those living far from the amenities provided by modern cities since the time and cost involved in expanding a fiber network is prohibitive. The old adage is relevant here: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  


Wireless provides high-speed Internet access from our closest communication tower to your business. A small, discreet radio transmitter is mounted on the outside of your building which connects to your router. 

While the speeds cannot reach Fiber speeds, wireless offers the possibility of speeds faster than traditional wired Internet such as DSL or Cable.

Are you ready for a better Internet?