Fiber Consumers

Fiber Internet for the Texas Hill Country

The population boom in the Texas Hill Country is just starting and demand for a new generation of Internet connectivity is growing right alongside.

We are passionate about answering this need by laying the foundation for a fiber infrastructure and providing superior connectivity, a necessity for modern living.

Truly local support from a team invested in the community.

What is Fiber?

Fiber is made up of hundreds of glass strands that are strong, resilient, and impervious to lightning strikes and corrosion.

The future of high speed Internet is clearly fiber, but residential expansion has been slow especially in rural areas. Small towns and cities don’t have the commercial backing to fund the costly venture of expanding a fiber network.

This is unacceptable to us. We are here to answer our communities’ demand.

Everyone should have access to fiber-fast Internet no matter where they live.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other broadband connectivity, unless a Fiber line is physically cut it will last for decades with minimal maintenance costs.

no corrosion

impervious to lightning

unaffected by water

generates no heat

Dig Once

We work closely with the homeowner and builder to identify the point of access and ensure a smooth installation process.

After conduit is laid, we won’t need to dig again.

High Capacity

The entire backbone of the Internet is run on fiber–nothing else can handle that much traffic!

Only fiber can support today’s broadband needs and pave the way for the future.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrades are typically software-related and run in the background.

Damage from digging or demolition tends to be the only reason to replace a fiber line.

upgrades nexstream fiber internet fredericksburg llano

Symmetrical Speeds

Other broadband options tend to have a large variation between download and upload speeds.

Fiber is the only broadband Internet that brings equal upload and download speeds consistently to multiple users on the same network.

Smarthome Backbone

The modern Smarthome is always connected to the Internet. Fiber provides the speeds needed for Smart technology to always work like it should.

Average value added to a $300k home



“Living outside of town I had to have slow satellite Internet until now. I’m so happy with our new internet, thank you Nexstream!”

Kathy O.

“Very good company. Their service is friendly and reliable.”

Paul E.

You'll have to update your electronics long before your fiber connection

Are you ready for fiber?