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Frequently Asked Questions

Gig+ Fiber Hybrid Internet

  • What is Gig+ Fiber Hybrid Internet?

    We designed our Gig+ Fiber Internet to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Our diverse network peers directly with the Internet’s largest content providers, establishing the connected foundation to build smart and immersive living experiences.

    This means we are able to extend high speed Internet to places that, until now, have had access only to limited services such as satellite Internet.

  • What do I do if I get a new computer/tablet/device?

    New devices are easy to connect to Nexstream Internet. Simply choose your network and enter your password. This information can be found on the front page of your Welcome Packet.

  • Is my service limited with data caps?

    Absolutely not. Unlike satellite and other Internet services, Nexstream Internet has no data limits.

  • Why am I not getting the Internet speeds I expected?

    There are many factors effecting Internet speed, many of which are outside our control. Website and server traffic, computer performance, and more can all effect speed.

  • How can I optimize my Internet speed?

    There are several steps you can take to maximize your Internet speed

    Router Placement
    Your router sends out radio signals in all directions that can be blocked by physical objects or walls. If you are experiencing poor Internet performance in a certain area, try to move the router so it is within your line of site from the problem area. Removing items located around the router can also ensure the radio signals can travel the path of least resistance.

    Wired vs. Wireless
    A wired connection will always be faster and more reliable than wireless. Try plugging your computer directly into the router with an ethernet cable.

    Computer Optimization
    Malware or viruses, programs running in the background, and other device settings can all cause a drain on Internet speed. A device with a clean bill of health can make a big difference.

Digital Voice

  • What do I need to use Digital Voice?

    You need a high speed Internet connection and one of the following:

    • a VoIP phone
    • standard landline with ATA phone adapter

    Our installation specialists will advise you on the best equipment for your home.

  • Who can I call?

    Any phone number in the world, plus simplified conference calling.

  • Can I only get VoIP access when I’m home?

    With call forwarding you can send and receive calls on your smartphone wherever you are.

  • I am moving. Can I take Nexstream digital voice with me?

    Yes, you take your phone and number with you to any physical location that has high-speed Internet.

  • What makes VoIP better than my landline?

    Video conferencing, call forwarding, and more. As the traditional copper-wired landline technology becomes obsolete, VoIP is taking its place as the modern digital answer to the end of the landline.


Managed Services

  • How can my organization benefit from managed services?

    Outsourcing your IT needs can have significant positive impacts on your business from reduced labor costs to having an experienced and certified team you don’t have to pay to train. With Nexstream managing your tech needs, you can stay focused on your business while we keep your systems secure and up-to-date, eliminating the risks of maintenance oversight.

  • Isn’t an in-house IT team better?

    There are pros and cons to having your own team managing your technology versus hiring a company to provide this service, and neither option will be the right solution for every company. Businesses that choose to keep their own in-house team often find hiring Nexstream helps to compliment and streamline workflows and provides a valuable resource when choosing new avenues of technology to pursue.

    One benefit to making Nexstream you’re only IT support is cost. We monitor our clients’ systems 365 days a year 24/7. You’d have to pay a team of full-time employees plus benefits to match this dedicated level of service. With Nexstream on board IT management becomes accessible to all sizes of businesses.

  • What are your help desk hours?

    While our normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5, managed clients enjoy 24/7 systems monitoring and support with a maximum 3 hour response time day or night, rain or shine.

  • How often will you be on-site?

    Site visits depend entirely on each client. We pre-schedule with you for maintenance and upgrade. In the case of emergencies we always give advanced noticed before going on-site.

Smart Automation

  • What is Smart automation?

    While the concept of smart automation has been around for a century, it’s only in the last few decades that technology has been able to meet the demands of homeowners.

    We design interactive homes and communities to enhance life, work, and play utilizing intelligent automation, security, and control. Our team will help create the ideal immersive Smart home experience. From dynamic lighting to monitoring security from a smartphone, the scope of the Smart home is always expanding.

  • Can’t I build my own Smart Home/Office?

    As Smart technology advances, many more devices are being made available directly to consumers. This is a good introduction to the possibilities a Smart Home or Office can provide. However as more devices and customizations are added more problems can present themselves. Our Automation Team can help you build and implement the foundation needed for a robust, fully operational system that makes adding new technology and utilizing the tech you already have easy.

  • Do I have to make my whole house/office smart?

    Absolutely not. Some of our clients choose to automate single rooms like a home theater, kitchen, or conference room.

  • Does Smart Automation effect my home value?

    Automation has made its mark in the real estate industry and this trend is only increasing. A Smart Home built from the ground up is a major incentive for buyers looking for the latest technology and convenience. With companies like Realtor.com factoring smart technology into their valuations, it’s easy to see the investment potential. Smart home owners can see up to a 5% increase in property value, an added perk for house hunters.

  • Is Smart Automation just a luxury?

    The Automation industry is still in its early days, but we are already seeing massive potential for home owners and businesses. From providing valuable independence to the elderly and disabled to facility management that can significantly cut back on operating expenses, Smart Automation is becoming more mainstream.

  • Can I save energy with Smart Automation?

    Lighting controls like dimmers, daylight sensors, and occupancy sensors can make a major difference on the electric bill.

    In addition to energy savings, adjusting brightness can transform a room to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Custom scenes can be created for activities such as watching a movie, where lighting will automatically adjust to voice commands.